sqlite_udf_encode_binary Encode binary data before returning it from an UDF


(PHP 5, PECL sqlite >= 1.0.0)

sqlite_udf_encode_binaryEncode binary data before returning it from an UDF


string sqlite_udf_encode_binary ( string $data )

sqlite_udf_encode_binary() applies a binary encoding to the data so that it can be safely returned from queries (since the underlying libsqlite API is not binary safe).

If there is a chance that your data might be binary unsafe (e.g.: it contains a NUL byte in the middle rather than at the end, or if it has and 0x01 byte as the first character) then you must call this function to encode the return value from your UDF.

PHP does not perform this encode/decode operation automatically as it would severely impact performance if it did.


Do not use sqlite_escape_string() to quote strings returned from UDF's as it will lead to double-quoting of the data. Use sqlite_udf_encode_binary() instead!



The string being encoded.


The encoded string.


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