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  • socket_accept - Accepts a connection on a socket
  • socket_bind - Binds a name to a socket
  • socket_clear_error - Clears the error on the socket or the last error code
  • socket_close - Closes a socket resource
  • socket_connect - Initiates a connection on a socket
  • socket_create - Create a socket (endpoint for communication)
  • socket_create_listen - Opens a socket on port to accept connections
  • socket_create_pair - Creates a pair of indistinguishable sockets and stores them in an array
  • socket_getpeername - Queries the remote side of the given socket which may either result in host/port or in a Unix filesystem path, dependent on its type
  • socket_getsockname - Queries the local side of the given socket which may either result in host/port or in a Unix filesystem path, dependent on its type
  • socket_get_option - Gets socket options for the socket
  • socket_last_error - Returns the last error on the socket
  • socket_listen - Listens for a connection on a socket
  • socket_read - Reads a maximum of length bytes from a socket
  • socket_recv - Receives data from a connected socket
  • socket_recvfrom - Receives data from a socket whether or not it is connection-oriented
  • socket_select - Runs the select() system call on the given arrays of sockets with a specified timeout
  • socket_send - Sends data to a connected socket
  • socket_sendto - Sends a message to a socket, whether it is connected or not
  • socket_set_block - Sets blocking mode on a socket resource
  • socket_set_nonblock - Sets nonblocking mode for file descriptor fd
  • socket_set_option - Sets socket options for the socket
  • socket_shutdown - Shuts down a socket for receiving, sending, or both
  • socket_strerror - Return a string describing a socket error
  • socket_write - Write to a socket

  • socket_accept
  • socket_bind
  • socket_clear_error
  • socket_close
  • socket_connect
  • socket_create
  • socket_create_listen
  • socket_create_pair
  • socket_getpeername
  • socket_getsockname
  • socket_get_option
  • socket_last_error
  • socket_listen
  • socket_read
  • socket_recv
  • socket_recvfrom
  • socket_select
  • socket_send
  • socket_sendto
  • socket_set_block
  • socket_set_nonblock
  • socket_set_option
  • socket_shutdown
  • socket_strerror
  • socket_write
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