Function Handling

Function Handling函数列表

  • call_user_func - Call a user function given by the first parameter
  • call_user_func_array - Call a user function given with an array of parameters
  • create_function - Create an anonymous (lambda-style) function
  • forward_static_call - Call a static method
  • forward_static_call_array - Call a static method and pass the arguments as array
  • function_exists - Return TRUE if the given function has been defined
  • func_get_arg - Return an item from the argument list
  • func_num_args - Returns the number of arguments passed to the function
  • get_defined_functions - Returns an array of all defined functions
  • register_shutdown_function - Register a function for execution on shutdown
  • register_tick_function - Register a function for execution on each tick
  • unregister_tick_function - De-register a function for execution on each tick

  • call_user_func
  • call_user_func_array
  • create_function
  • forward_static_call
  • forward_static_call_array
  • function_exists
  • func_get_arg
  • func_num_args
  • get_defined_functions
  • register_shutdown_function
  • register_tick_function
  • unregister_tick_function
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