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(PHP 4, PHP 5)

phpcreditsPrints out the credits for PHP


bool phpcredits ([ int $flag = CREDITS_ALL ] )

This function prints out the credits listing the PHP developers, modules, etc. It generates the appropriate HTML codes to insert the information in a page.



To generate a custom credits page, you may want to use the flag parameter.

Pre-defined phpcredits() flags
name description
CREDITS_ALL All the credits, equivalent to using: CREDITS_DOCS + CREDITS_GENERAL + CREDITS_GROUP + CREDITS_MODULES + CREDITS_FULLPAGE. It generates a complete stand-alone HTML page with the appropriate tags.
CREDITS_DOCS The credits for the documentation team
CREDITS_FULLPAGE Usually used in combination with the other flags. Indicates that a complete stand-alone HTML page needs to be printed including the information indicated by the other flags.
CREDITS_GENERAL General credits: Language design and concept, PHP authors and SAPI module.
CREDITS_GROUP A list of the core developers
CREDITS_MODULES A list of the extension modules for PHP, and their authors
CREDITS_SAPI A list of the server API modules for PHP, and their authors


成功时返回 TRUE, 或者在失败时返回 FALSE.


Example #1 Prints the general credits


Example #2 Prints the core developers and the documentation group


Example #3 Printing all the credits

  <title>My credits page</title>
// some code of your own
// some more code


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  • php_logo_guid() - Gets the logo guid
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