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(PHP 4, PHP 5)

odbc_resultGet result data


mixed odbc_result ( resource $result_id , mixed $field )

Get result data



The ODBC resource.


The field name being retrieved. It can either be an integer containing the column number of the field you want; or it can be a string containing the name of the field.


Returns the string contents of the field, FALSE on error, NULL for NULL data, or TRUE for binary data.


The first call to odbc_result() returns the value of the third field in the current record of the query result. The second function call to odbc_result() returns the value of the field whose field name is "val" in the current record of the query result. An error occurs if a column number parameter for a field is less than one or exceeds the number of columns (or fields) in the current record. Similarly, an error occurs if a field with a name that is not one of the fieldnames of the table(s) that is(are) being queried.

Example #1 odbc_result() examples

$item_val odbc_result($Query_ID"val");


Field indices start from 1. Regarding the way binary or long column data is returned refer to odbc_binmode() and odbc_longreadlen().

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