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(PHP 4, PHP 5)

msql_resultGet result data


string msql_result ( resource $result , int $row [, mixed $field ] )

msql_result() returns the contents of one cell from a mSQL result set.

When working on large result sets, you should consider using one of the functions that fetch an entire row (specified below). As these functions return the contents of multiple cells in one function call, they are often much quicker than msql_result().

Recommended high-performance alternatives: msql_fetch_row(), msql_fetch_array(), and msql_fetch_object().



resource 型的结果集。此结果集来自对 msql_query() 的调用。


The row offset.


Can be the field's offset, or the field's name, or the field's table dot field's name (tablename.fieldname.). If the column name has been aliased ('select foo as bar from ...'), use the alias instead of the column name.


Specifying a numeric field offset is much quicker than specifying a fieldname or tablename.fieldname.


Returns the contents of the cell at the row and offset in the specified mSQL result set.

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