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(PHP 4 >= 4.3.0, PHP 5)

msg_stat_queueReturns information from the message queue data structure


array msg_stat_queue ( resource $queue )

msg_stat_queue() returns the message queue meta data for the message queue specified by the queue. This is useful, for example, to determine which process sent the message that was just received.



Message queue resource handle


The return value is an array whose keys and values have the following meanings:

Array structure for msg_stat_queue
msg_perm.uid The uid of the owner of the queue.
msg_perm.gid The gid of the owner of the queue.
msg_perm.mode The file access mode of the queue.
msg_stime The time that the last message was sent to the queue.
msg_rtime The time that the last message was received from the queue.
msg_ctime The time that the queue was last changed.
msg_qnum The number of messages waiting to be read from the queue.
msg_qbytes The maximum number of bytes allowed in one message queue. On Linux, this value may be read and modified via /proc/sys/kernel/msgmnb.
msg_lspid The pid of the process that sent the last message to the queue.
msg_lrpid The pid of the process that received the last message from the queue.


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