MooTools is a JavaScript framework that focus on being flexible, modular and compact. While still not on par in number of resources with other JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, the MooTools community has generated a large number of articles, tutorials and third party plugins that can be considered and mature and sophisticated enough for most needs.

A word about MooTools

One of the core principles of MooTools is to provide a better application programming interface for JavaScript developers, making the language better by extending its native elements and providing more concise object oriented utilities.

As a consequence of that, some people may be inclined to think that MooTools treats browser scripting as a less important feature. Indeed, MooTools is not a DOM scripting toolkit, but the whole purpose of making JavaScript better is that developers have a more solid base over which to create readable, robust, reusable browser scripting libraries.


Starting points

The official documentation
A really good and complete documentation. It has a very intuitive format that makes it both an excellent reference and tutorial.

jQuery vs MooTools
A mature discussion on the differences between jQuery and MooTools.

MooTools for the non-programmer
A three part series of tutorials about MooTools targeted at non-programmers:

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3

The MooWalkthrough
A wiki-based walk through MooTools intended to introducing the library.

The MooTorial
A collection of tutorials to guide MooTools’ newcomers.

MooTools classes
A basic view on MooTools’ use of classes and how it compares to other approaches.

Natives and Elements
Explains what are native types in JavaScript and how MooTools extends and provide means for anyone to extend their functionality. It also explains the Element class.

Select and create elements
Tutorial on how to select specific elements as well as how to create and insert new elements on the page.

30 days of MooTools
A series of tutorials about key features in MooTools. (It is still incomplete - it currently has 23 tutorials)

  1. Intro to the Library
  2. Selectors
  3. Intro to Using Arrays
  4. Functions
  5. Event Handling
  6. Manipulating HTML
  7. Set and Get Style Properties
  8. Input Filtering Part I - Numbers
  9. Input Filtering Part II - Strings
  10. Using FX.Tween
  11. Using Fx.Morph, Fx Options and Fx Events
  12. Drag and Drop using Drag.Move
  13. Regular Expressions
  14. Periodical and Intro to Hashes
  15. Sliders
  16. Sortables and Intro to Methods
  17. Accordion
  18. Classes part I
  19. Tooltips
  20. A Few Mootools Tabs
  21. Classes part II
  22. Fx.Elements
  23. Fx.Slide


Facebook modal box
It reproduces Facebook’s modal box in MooTools. A Very simple solution to get a Facebook-style modal box without the need of any external plugin.

Using custom missing image graphics
A very elegant and extremely simple solution to handling missing image graphics with a custom fallback image.

Sending Email notifications for broken images
A logic follow-up to the previous tutorial. It shows how to use AJax and PHP to send email notification on the occurrence of broken images.

Skype-style buttons
How to create a Skype-style button.

MooTools Flashlight effect
An eccentric, however interesting effect.

Snook-style navigation
A MooTools revisit of a tutorial by Jonathan Snook.

Explode effect on Ajax page loads
How to create an effect that makes the current content ‘explode’ off-screen while another content is fetched and loaded via ajax.

Font-Size scroller with Cookie save
Shows how to create a scroller that sets the font-size and store this information in a cookie.

Track Ajax link clicks using Google Analytics
A very insightful solution to tracking ajax-based navigation in Google Analytics.

Periodicar Ajax updates using MooTools
Shows how to implement a very simple function that periodically makes a ajax request on the background.

helps you determine if caps lock is on
A nice and simple technique for easily determining if caps lock in on. Might help improve usability, specially in login scenarios.

Simulate Flash horizontal navigation
Tutorial on how to create a horizontal navigation web site.

Product Highlighter
Slick rollover mechanism that works well as a product highlighter.

Auto caption images
How to automatically extract alt and title content and add it as captions to images on the page.

toElement method
Explains and shows an interesting use case for the toElement method in MooTools.

outerClick event
An implementation of a custom event for when a user clicks outside of a given element.

Saving a sortalbe nested list
A tutorial with a full implementation of a sortable nested list, from MooTools to MySQL.

CSS sprites with MooTools
A MooTools version of an article published on A List Apart about CSS sprites using jQuery.

Explains what is the Swiff class and how it can be used to make flash elements communicate with JavaScript.

Fixing sIFR printing with CSS and MooTools
The use of sIRF can help you achieve the typography you want on the screen, but there may be problems when the user tries to print the page. This article shows how to work around that.

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