dba_handlers List all the handlers available php函数


(PHP 4 >= 4.3.0, PHP 5)

dba_handlersList all the handlers available


array dba_handlers ([ bool $full_info = false ] )

dba_handlers() list all the handlers supported by this extension.



Turns on/off full information display in the result.


Returns an array of database handlers. If full_info is set to TRUE, the array will be associative with the handlers names as keys, and their version information as value. Otherwise, the result will be an indexed array of handlers names.


When the internal cdb library is used you will see cdb and cdb_make.


Example #1 dba_handlers() Example


echo "Available DBA handlers: ";
foreach (
dba_handlers(true) as $handler_name => $handler_version) {
// clean the versions
$handler_version str_replace('$'''$handler_version);
" - $handler_name$handler_version ";



Available DBA handlers:
 - cdb: 0.75, Revision: 
 - cdb_make: 0.75, Revision: 
 - db2: Sleepycat Software: Berkeley DB 2.7.7: (08/20/99)
 - inifile: 1.0, Revision: 
 - flatfile: 1.0, Revision: 

dba_insert Insert entry
dba_key_split Splits a key in string representation into array representation
dba_list List all open database files
dba_nextkey Fetch next key
dba_open Open database
dba_optimize Optimize database
dba_popen Open database persistently
dba_replace Replace or insert entry
dba_sync Synchronize database
dcgettext Overrides the domain for a single lookup
dcngettext Plural version of dcgettext
deaggregate Removes the aggregated methods and properties from an object
debug_backtrace Generates a backtrace
debug_print_backtrace Prints a backtrace

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