exif_thumbnail 取得嵌入在 TIFF 或 JPEG 图像中的缩略图 php函数


(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5)

exif_thumbnail取得嵌入在 TIFF 或 JPEG 图像中的缩略图


string exif_thumbnail ( string $filename [, int &$width [, int &$height [, int &$imagetype ]]] )

exif_thumbnail() 读取 TIFFJPEG 图像中的嵌入缩略图。如果图像不包含缩略图则返回 FALSE

If you want to deliver thumbnails through this function, you should send the mimetype information using the header() function.

It is possible that exif_thumbnail() cannot create an image but can determine its size. In this case, the return value is FALSE but width and height are set.



The name of the image file being read. This image contains an embedded thumbnail.


The return width of the returned thumbnail.


The returned height of the returned thumbnail.


The returned image type of the returned thumbnail. This is either TIFF or JPEG.


Returns the embedded thumbnail, or FALSE if the image contains no thumbnail.


版本 说明
4.3.0 The optional parameters width, height, and imagetype all became available.
4.3.0 May return thumbnails in the TIFF format.


Example #1 exif_thumbnail() 例子

if (array_key_exists('file',$_REQUEST)) {
$image exif_thumbnail($_REQUEST['file'], $width$height$type);
} else {
$image false;
if (
$image!==false) {
header("Content-type: ".image_type_to_mime_type($type));
} else {
// no thumbnail available, handle the error here
echo "No thumbnail available";


  • exif_read_data() - 从 JPEG 或 TIFF 文件中读取 EXIF 头信息
  • image_type_to_mime_type() - 取得 getimagesize,exif_read_data,exif_thumbnail,exif_imagetype 所返回的图像类型的 MIME 类型

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