posix_getgrnam Return info about a group by name php函数


(PHP 4, PHP 5)

posix_getgrnamReturn info about a group by name


array posix_getgrnam ( string $name )

Gets information about a group provided its name.



The name of the group


The array elements returned are:

The group information array
Element Description
name The name element contains the name of the group. This is a short, usually less than 16 character "handle" of the group, not the real, full name. This should be the same as the name parameter used when calling the function, and hence redundant.
passwd The passwd element contains the group's password in an encrypted format. Often, for example on a system employing "shadow" passwords, an asterisk is returned instead.
gid Group ID of the group in numeric form.
members This consists of an array of string's for all the members in the group.


版本 说明
4.2.0 Prior to this version, members was simply an integer representing the number of members in the group, and the member names were returned with numerical indices.


Example #1 Example use of posix_getgrnam()





    [name]    => toons
    [passwd]  => x
    [members] => Array
            [0] => tom
            [1] => jerry
    [gid]     => 42


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  • safe_mode_gid
  • POSIX man page GETGRNAM(3)

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