svm各种工具箱 方法以后查找

Name Author Institution Language Exec Multiclass Regression Comments
BSVM Chih-Wei Hsu and Chih-Jen Lin National Taiwan University C++ Win Yes Yes
Equbits Foresight Equbits LLC Equbits LLC SDK Win ??? Yes Commercial. Contact Equibits LLC for details
Gini-SVM Shantanu Chakrabartty Johns Hopkins University C++ No Yes Yes Handles non positive definite kernels
HeroSvm Jianxiong Dong Concordia University C++ Win Yes No Optimized for Pentium 4
LEARNSC Vojislav Kecman Matlab p-files N/A Yes Yes Must pay for source!
LIBSVM Chih-Chung Chang, Chih-Jen Lin National Taiwan University C++, Java, Python, R, MATLAB, Perl, Ruby Win/*nix Yes Yes Graphic interface available
LS-SVMlab Kristiaan Pelckmans, Johan Suykens Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Matlab Win/*nix Yes Yes Comes with platform-specific MEX files
Matlab SVM Toolbox S. R. Gunn University of Southampton Matlab N/A No Yes Includes a simple GUI
mySVM Stefan Ruping Universitat Dortmund C++ Win/*nix No Yes
OSU Junshui Ma, Yi Zhao, and Stanley Ahalt Ohio State University Matlab N/A Yes Yes Matlab interface to LIBSVM
Parallel GPDT T. Serafini, G. Zanghirati, L. Zanni Universita di Ferrara C++ No No No Designed for parallel systems
pcSVM C - No No
RVMs Mike Tipping MSR Cambridge Matlab - Yes Yes
SpiderSVM Jason Weston, Andre Elisseeff , Gokhan BakIr , Fabian Sinz Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics Matlab N/A Yes Yes Part of the Spider machine learning library
Statistical Pattern Recognition Toolbox for MATLAB Vojtech Franc and Vaclav Hlavac Czech Technical University Prague Matlab/C No Yes No Good online documentation. Everything I′ve tried has worked 字串9
well. Lots of stuff besides SVMs.
SVMdark Martin Sewell University College London C Win No Yes
SvmFu Ryan Rifkin MIT C++ No No Must be compiled with g++
SVMLight Thorsten Joachims Cornell University C Win/*nix No Yes
SVMsequel Hal Daume III University of Southern California OCaml No Yes No "Very fast and handles enormous datasets nicely"
SVMtorch Ronan Collobert and Samy Bengio IDIAP C++ No ? Yes
SVM Toolbox Gavin Cawley University of East Anglia Norwich Matlab/C++ No Yes No Beta version
WinSVM Martin Sewell University College London C++ Win No Yes

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